Monday, 22 June 2009


Okay so you have lost your job. Perhaps you know your job is going to be lost. Either way you decide to update your resume. You work and work on it and finally it is ready to be sent out to and

Then you hard drive crashes. You loose your updated resume.

I should know, it just happened to me.

So not only do you need to restore your hard drive, but then need to rebuild your resume.

I like saving a copy of my resume on an email account such as hotmail. This way, if my hard drive crashes or if my house burns down, I still have my resume.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

References on a Resume

Many people wonder if they should be including references in their resume. Some favor adding them, others shy away.

With resume's being posted online at websites such as or, identity theft becomes a concern. Also email harvesting programs often target these web sites in order to add to spam lists.

So, I lean towards leaving them off of your resume. Most online job applications allow you to enter in references so they are not needed on your resume.